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Our amazing community partner, Orchard Supply Hardware and Garden Store, (OSH) right here in Petaluma, has been behind the amazing transformation of our outdoor spaces on campus this year. Green thumb parents Kelsea Simerson and Jennifer King were in OSH wanting to pick up six plants for a small place on campus and starting talking with Laura, the wonderful head of the plant department. Before we knew it, OSH was offering to help out with the hands-on project to beautify our school! A whole group from OSH,

 (thank you Jared, manager!) came to take a tour and saw the vision. It was love! Here are the projects on campus, to date,  that are 100% percent supported by OSH: 

1. Succulents and plants for our six wine casks;

2. Plants for three different areas of the school; front, trellis area, and quad;

3. They donated the wonderful bench and surrounding pots outside our office;

4. Four hoses and beautiful hose boxes. 

Future plans include a drip system for our quad area and solar drip for the front of the school! Thank you for your generosity, Orchard Supply, you are the best!

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STRAW & Friends

GATE students from around the district partnered up with STRAW (Students and Teachers Restoring a Watershed) and Friends of the Petaluma River to study a local creek.  Both organizations provided water quality test kits which gave student's hands on experience.  Teachers from STRAW gave students lessons at the creek and in the classroom.  At the end our time the students were experts on using and reading pH tests, temperature readings, nitrate tests, phosphate tests, and dissolved oxygen tests.
Our guest teachers helped students develop a deeper understanding about where nitrates and phosphates come from and how each test is affected by various factors.  
A big, big thank you to our friends at STRAW and FOTPR.

Redwood Empire Food Bank

La Tercera is proud to partner with Redwood Empire Food Bank during its annual Food Drive. Join us

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