Here is the room usage that I'm currently aware of: ​
​And here is our current program schedule. ​
​We run programs in 8 week series, so this will shift after February 26. I've shared the folder with you, so you're welcome to look at past and upcoming schedules.

Robotics is Monday from 3 to 4:15 in Sci Lab.


La Tercera LEGO Robotics team:

Our LEGO Robotics team has formed and will be meeting on Monday afternoons. The team members will be building and programming LEGO robots to compete in the Sonoma County LEGO Robotics Challenge.

Our first session was spent unpacking and sorting our new NXT robotics kits. We will move into building and programming. The students will be choosing their events in mid February for the competition on Saturday, May 7th.

Circle of Sisters is an afterschool program for girls ages 9-14. We are committed to reducing violence in the community by enhancing the self-esteem and social skills of young girls, empowering them and their families to make healthy lifestyle decisions. To see photos and to read more about our program and activities:

· find us on Facebook: Facebook.com/Circleofsisters.sjhs


Soaring Eagle Martial Arts


La Tercera 2016 Science Olympiad Team

The twenty-member team has begun to prepare for the Science Olympiad County Competition at Lawrence Jones Middle School on April 16, 2016. The team, consisting of 4th-6th graders, meets each Thursday from 3:15-4:15 PM in the Makerspace.

Last week, we experimented with buoyancy as we discovered how many pennies a barge made out of aluminum foil could hold. Does boat construction affect the results? How can you place your pennies so that boat can stay afloat longer?

This week, we will build paper airplanes for two different purposes. In one activity, we will see how we can construct a paper airplane that can travel the farthest. In the other activity, the goal is to construct a paper airplane that will hit a particular target. How will construction vary?

Each week, we will practice two of the fourteen events to prepare. As the competition grows near, students will be assigned to particular events and focus their practice on those events.

Go Team LT!  Here is a link to website:https://ltscienceolympiad.wordpress.com/

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