Our deeply dedicated and talented teachers and amazing students were celebrated in our weekly Petaluma paper and daily countywide paper. Please take a moment to read the Press Democrat article on our hands-on, project-based learning model at La Tercera, a STEM elementary school.


Quattrocchi Kwok Architects Press Release - Announcing renovation completion of La Tercera

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The STEM focus at La Tercera Elementary has created quite a buzz around town. On May 10 that buzz grew even louder as the Planet Bee Foundation provided hands-on bee basics curriculum to all third, fourth and fifth graders. Planet Bee is a local foundation dedicated to engaging and empowering students of all ages to take action to help struggling pollinator populations. When students see bees up close, curiosity sparks, fear fades and gardens become ecological playgrounds. This hands-on learning opportunity was made possible by a grant received by La Tercera earlier this year. In the fall, the third and fourth graders also completed a Project Based Learning Unit on bees, which culminated with making bee homes. The Planet Bee presentation instilled new knowledge. Marilyn, a third-grade student learned, “The queen bee lays 2,000 eggs per day.” Fourth-grader Aaliyah enjoyed the relay game they played where they carried liquid in eyedroppers just as the bee carries nectar with their proboscis. Fourth-grader Kayla explained, “We were given a clay ball with poppy seeds and dirt inside. When we throw the ball in our backyard, a flower will grow and bring more bees to our area.” Students also enjoyed looking at the live bees and attempting to locate the various types. Students will be installing Mason Bee habitats they constructed in the La Tercera makerspace where students of all ages engineer solutions to everyday problems like the struggling-pollinator problem in Sonoma County. –

10/24/14 Press Democrat - Covering La Tercera's Construction Completion Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

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