2016/17Tech support @ La Tercera

By Terry Kneirim

TK:  I support our student with Ipad skills. For example, they learn how to move  from app to app trac pad finger skills, Starfall math & activities Wordpad , Word ninja letter trace, IXL just the basics for the begginers.

1st I work with all students , answering computer and interpreting program questions so that students can access the programs. I support the teacher in differentiating instruction during her center time.  Programs we use here are  IXL , Starfall , Wordpad .We have just added Prodigy math game to all grade levels 1-6 grade we had great sucess last year with Prodigy math both home & here at school.

2nd  We are using Google classroom and I am teaching the students how to use this program so that every two students have a fully functioning Chromebook  and that all the assignments will be listed with on-line links that allows the students to do assignments on-line and turn them in on Google docs.  Other programs that I help students with include Accelerated Reader, IXL and Starfall spelling city (two Common Core practice software that is accessed in class and/or at home.

3rd  I walk around and assist the students on the following tech centers which are posted in Google classroom; Spelling City, something from the Internet like Bill Nye the Science Guy, IXL and Moby Max our math support programs and Starfall also YouTube ed videos.

4th I have been working with students on specific tech support programs including IXL.   Mrs. Anselmi's class we have started doing the California Missions project which will be done as a slide show in Youtube using the student Chrome books .

5th  These students are pretty self-sufficient at this grade-level having had excellent tech. experiences in our STEM programs. I assist student with  pure tech. support in programs to include Accelerated Reader, IXL, Google classroom , troubleshoot problems with their devices and assist the teacher to provide cutting edge tech teaching around new software and hardware for student and professional use.


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